Dhodia Culture

Here are some Clipings of Dhodia Sanskruti.

If we go before two decades ago, in the marriage ceremony Dhodia community was used to play traditional Instrument "TUR" which was indeed amazing and dancing over it was very tipical, it needs absolute experience. Today the modernisation has wiped this traditional culture and now its place has been taken by the Moden "BANDS" and musical parties. It is understood that people are caught in the wave of modernisation, but it does'nt meant that the traditional culture should forget or waived. Let us try to preserve our culture by encouraging these traditions. 
On the occassion of Annual Function of Shree Dhodia Samaj Welfare Association on 24th December, 2005, Association has Specially  arranged to demonstrated "TUR" and the Dhodia's in Gandhinagar were enjoyed it lot. Here are the clipings of it, please enjoy it.

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